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Press for Cheese Pipes Hydraulic

This innovative product will certainly give you relief from a terrific problem of bend and disturbed cheese pipes. It corrects the inner dia. of your disturbed cheese pipe and you can Re-Use it.

It takes just 1/3 minute to correct one cheese pipe.

Hydraulic Cheese Pipe Straighter

Color: blue
  • No. Of cylinders 1 no. main cylinder
    Working pressure 50 kg / cm2
    Stroke 300 mm
    Approach speed 17 mm/sec.
    Return speed 26-mm/ sec.
    Appr. Time for 300 mm travel 18 sec.
    Electric motor 0.75 k.w. /1 hp
    Oil Reservoir 30 Liters
    Oil Required 27 Liters [Enclo-68 / Harmony-68]
    Operation By lever operated valve (Polyhydrone)
    Pump Dowty. / Rexworth
    Cylinder seals Techlon ( Italy ) / Markel ( Germany)
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