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White Crosses

Our Mission and vision


A world-class organization, built on,

  • Outstanding performance led by Entrepreneurial culture.

  • Management capability, Efficient processes and Technology.

  • Youth, hard work and discipline.

Achieved in a manner of fairness, honesty and corporate responsibility.


  • To be one of the worlds' leading and most admired companies in the global Generics industry.

  • To continually create value and bring pride to our customers and the community at large.

  • To preserve earth's most precious resource… human lives.

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Our Story

We started Machineries Manufacturing during the Year 2002 based on Modern Technology. The Basic Principle was to reducing the Power Cost, Wastage with increased Productivity. We are working with many Companies in India with Highly Skilled Professional Team to provide Good Products Efficiently.

"SHRISTI ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS is an Established firm since 2001 providing Technical Support for Woven Sacks Industry to Achieve Excellence & Up-Gradation of Process & System". We have proved our presence as a leading manufacturer assuring quality and performance in a very short span. We are also exporting Machineries and spare parts to our overseas customers In Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya Tanzania Dubai and Nepal.

Our Presence

  • Our Experienced Service Team Carried Out The Erection Work Of Printing Machine (4 Meter Wide) Of Canada Make For International Packaging Products Pvt. Ltd. Silvassa.

  • We have made printing machines for M/s Cadila pharmaceuticals for printing of medicines. The size of machine is 1 mtr x 1 mtr.

  • We have also made 3 colour printing machine of wider width for 128" fabric printing.

  • The Company Has Earned The Trust Of Valued Clientele Group In Varied Industries.

  • SHRISTI ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS Adopted The Diversify Strategy And Made The Shristi Enterprises To Capture The FMCG Market. We Launched The Shristi Salt Presently Been Marketed In Uttar Pradesh.

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Our Achievements

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